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80 Jackson Street,

Brackenhurst, Alberton


I would like to introduce myself as the Owner/Principal of Creative Academy Pre-school and Baby Centre.

Teaching has always been a passion of mine, starting my very first teaching post as an eighteen year old girl just out of school. Studying and working part time helped me grow in my career. After being a Gr R teacher for four years I wanted to expand my knowledge as a teacher and moved to the United Kingdom.

After six months of supply teaching in North London, I moved to a newly opened pre-school in West London as the Nursery Manager.  After running that school for two and a half years and completing a variety of certificate courses in: The Management of Special Education Needs (SEN) in early year’s settings, managing children’s behaviour, the National Curriculum, Inclusion and equal opportunities, working with children and young people with SEN (Special Educational Needs)and more.  I then moved back to South Africa in April 2007.

From May 2007 I started working as the Principal of a highly sort after pre-school in Bryanston which now boasts 235 children. In the eight years that I have been there I have not only grown in my career, my knowledge and my experience but in my personal life as well-I am a proud mom of three beautiful children.

With owning my own pre-school being listed as one of the items on my “bucket list”, I have been blessed with the opportunity at the most perfect time in my life.

This truly is a dream come true; a platform for me to use the 15 years’ experience I have gained in the industry. Developing and moulding young children is my calling, it is what I do.

My philosophy of teaching and educating children is based on the quote by Benjamin Franklin:

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn”.

I look forward to embarking on the journey of education with you and your children.

Principals Introduction